Lifrage Collison explores the ways in which gender and climate interact and the resulting impact on our lives and society. Furthermore, we look at the ‘differential impacts’, since climate change affects men and women differently due to existing gender inequalities and societal roles.

Including Gender-Based Analysis as a tool when developing climate policies will enrich government responses to address impacts of climate change in society.  Gender-Based Analysis is used to assess how policies, programs, and initiatives affect different genders and their unique needs. It recognizes that gender is a social construct that affects how individuals experience the world and the opportunities available to them.

Through Lifrage Collison, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of gender-based analysis in climate and decision-making processes. We provide resources and information on how to conduct gender-based analysis effectively and how it can lead to more equitable outcomes. For instance, across sub-Saharan Africa women often face greater vulnerability and increased risks due to their socially constructed roles and limited access to resources, information, and decision-making power.

We also highlight current issues and challenges related to gender equality, including the gender pay gap, gender-based violence, and discrimination based on gender identity and expression within the climate sector. By examining these issues through a gender-based lens, we can better understand their root causes and work towards solutions that address the underlying inequalities. In sub-Saharan Africa, in many societies, women are responsible for water and fuel collection, and as climate change exacerbates water scarcity and deforestation, their burden increases.


To promote a society where gender is not a barrier to achieving full potential of climate mitigation and adaptation, where everyone has access to equal opportunities and rights. We believe that through education and advocacy, we can create a more just and equitable world for all genders whilst saving the planet.

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